Saturday, May 30, 2015
Northwest Catholic High School - West Hartford, Connecticut

Outstanding rides of 15, 30 and 62 miles and a 5K walk on Northwest Catholic's Track – all to raise dollars for life-saving medical research and care at UConn Health. Don’t have time to ride or walk – consider becoming a virtual rider or walker!

Financial support for medical research and care is declining - putting at risk vital UConn Health projects focused on cancer, heart disease, stroke, and immune disorders.

The Jim Calhoun Ride and Walk for Lifesaving Research and Care is a vitally important special event to raise dollars urgently needed for the advanced medical research and care taking place at UConn Health, one of the nation’s leading medical research institutions.

  • Imagine if you raised the dollars that led to the discovery of new blood tests to detect cancer at its earliest stages and a new diagnosis or treatment for several types of this killer disease?
  • Imagine if you raised the dollars that resulted in the discovery of a blood test that determines whether people are at risk of a heart attack or stroke and that this finding led to the development of a potentially new treatment to reduce such risk?
  • And imagine if you raised the dollars that led to discoveries about the cause of age-related declines in immune function and to treatment options to effectively manage the resulting chronic diseases?

Right now - UConn Health researchers are working on making discoveries in these very research areas. The challenge - declining research funds for medical research nationwide - putting these very projects at risk.

Please help our researchers complete their lifesaving work by signing up to ride or walk today! Remember - 90 % of every dollar contributed by you and your supporters will go directly to the cause.